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Why Bamboo Socks?

Bamboo Socks are quickly becoming the go to choice of consumers for many reasons, but what are the defining factors as to why one should not only want to but certainly wear bamboo fiber socks?

Here is the breakdown. Bamboo is a sustainable product, grown with limited resources, especially water. The world record currently held for growing a bamboo shoot is 18 feet in 24 hours, basically a live time lapse, without a lot of lapse!

Bamboo is naturally the softest and most durable textile out today, and a leader in its class. Bamboo clothing has become increasingly favored over cotton. It is also naturally moisture wicking and even on the longest bike run, most intense run, climb, day at work or where ever you put your Bamboo Socks to the test, day in and day out your feet will remain 100% dry, and you cant beat that! And if that' snot enough, at the end of the day your feet, sock sand shoes WON'T STINK, and we are not just talking about today, we are talking about 7 days +.

Why are Eekoe Bamboo Socks Superior?

We test, and continue to test, our EEKOE Bamboo Socks in the most strenuous of situations: The biggest climbs by top athletes, global travelers, outdoor enthusiasts, and the everyday hard workers in the toughest of work places.

Eekoe Bamboo socks continue, day in and day out, to hold their odor retention and not just cover up, but eliminate foot odor time after time. Bamboo is the world leader in textiles for bamboo socks men and bamboo socks women. EEKOE is the global leader in manufacturing and bringing bamboo athletic socks to you the consumer...

Who can wear Eekoe Bamboo Socks?

The short answer is: Everyone!

Are Eekoe Bamboo Socks just for sport?
Eekoe bamboo socks are not just bamboo athletic socks. They can be worn casually as well.

Are Eekoe Bamboo Socks just for men?
Of course not! We manufacture bamboo socks for men and women. They are all unisex with men and women in mind behind the comfort and design.

Are Eekoe Bamboo Socks just for adults?
Nope. Eekoe bamboo socks come in all sizes from small to XL. Kids and adults can enjoy the same comfort and benefits of bamboo socks.