Sport / Athletic Series “3” Evo

The Much anticipated and 3rd evolution of our original Sport/Athletic Series Socks. The same fit and feel both you and your feet have grown to love. Now with Gen 3 yarn, our most durable yet! And our Multi-Ply Reinforced Heel, Foot and Toe!!!

The EEKOE Sport/Athletic “3” Evo is our Complete Line of Sporting and Athletic purpose made socks in the EEKOE product line. They feature the Bamboo you have come to expect and love and the Quality and Fit you expect from EEKOE, and that your feet and you deserve. If you are looking for a Purpose built, High Performing, Game Changing sock for all your Sporting and Athletic ventures, that are soon to replace the one’s you had that thought were. The EEKOE Sport/Athletic “3” Evo Line has the socks you are looking for and need. They come in Three Styles including Lo-Cut, ¼ Crew and ¾ Crew. Covering all your Sporting and Athletic needs of both you and your feet, and allowing you to "Simplify the Sock", and your sock drawer. Soft and comfortable with the ability to warm the foot more efficiently in the cool, and cool better in the heat, that's EEKOE Temperature Management. Also, with the Odor Killing properties of Bamboo, offering as many as 7 to 10 DAYS with NO SMELL!  Offering Superior Moisture Wicking capabilities, and the Extended Durability of Bamboo. So "Treat Your Feet" by starting your day the EEKOE way and get them in the EEKOE Sport/Athletic Series “3’ Evo Socks Today! 


 They feature our NEW Gen 3 Yarn, and Multi-Ply Reinforced Heel, Foot, and Toe. With a Blend of 85% Viscose from Bamboo, 11% Nylon and 4% Spandex. With a seamless open toe box and functional ribbing, make the sock comfortable in all applications, and one you will not spend the day reaching down to pull them back up. They stay up. It is the one we recommend and features the EEKOE Quality Guarantee.

***NOW with Gen 3 Yarn & Multi-Ply Reinforced Heel, Foot and Toe***

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Welcome to EEKOE Bamboo Socks...

We created EEKOE Bamboo Socks to bring to market the "World's Greatest Socks", and because that is exactly what we wanted on and for our own feet!

Like you, we were tired our cotton socks not only breaking down and tearing really easily, but also getting sopping wet and super stinky during and after our workouts. We traveled the world in search of the highest quality bamboo material that covers all the bases for the perfect sock…

Comfort, Durability, Temperature Control and Breathability, Care for Skin, and, of course, Odor Control.

After extensive travel and research we are proud to say we have developed the highest quality bamboo sock on the market.

Why are these the World's Greatest Socks you ask?

Well here is a little breakdown as to why we can both deliver on and back up that statement.

First off its the team behind EEKOE, a collective group of Global Leaders in branding and delivery of some of the biggest brands out there, a diverse understanding of market trends and demands, and a product that compliments those skills and abilities.

EEKOE Bamboo Socks are made the the World's Greatest organic bamboo, selected and chosen to provide the ultimate finished product.

EEKOE uses state of the art equipment and a team with over 60 years experience in producing the highest quality of footwear. Our process and raw product are brought together to bring you the world's best odor elimination, moisture wicking, temperature management, extended durability, comfort, fit, and an end product that we back with a Lifetime Guarantee!

Collectively we have brought all of this talent and expertise under one roof to bring to you a finished product boasting the label of "World's Greatest Socks", and as you'll see one foot at a time, day in and day out, that we back that up. Welcome to EEKOE Bamboo Socks…

Bamboo Socks vs. Cotton Socks

As our world gets greener, bamboo is becoming more and more popular. Because it grows so quickly, bamboo is an easily renewable resource. It requires 1/3 the amount of water to grow that cotton uses and has no natural pests. This means that bamboo can be grown with little to no use of pesticides or herbicides whereas cotton often requires a large amount of pesticides to maintain growth. Bamboo plantations can quite easily be kept organic and replanted every year. Although organic cotton is readily available, there are still many pluses to using bamboo. Bamboo fabric is very soft, often described as feeling like cashmere. This is because the bamboo fiber itself is naturally round and smooth without any chemical treatment. This means that there are no sharp spurs to irritate the skin. This means that bamboo can be worn directly next to skin, even with many people who are allergic to other natural fibers such as hemp or wool. Bamboo fibers are also quite long which means that there is less piling of the fabric than in the cheaper varieties of cotton. The softness and quality of the fabric itself seems to stand up to multiple washings. Many even describe the fabric as getting even softer with each washing! Another unique quality with bamboo fiber is it’s antibacterial qualities. This unique antibacterial quality is due to an antimicrobial bio-agent called “bamboo kun” which is found naturally in the fiber. This kun makes bamboo a naturally antibacterial, antifungal and odor resistant fiber, through multiple washings. Cotton does not have anything like this. The bamboo kun helps to reduce bacteria that thrive on clothing and human skin. This means that the wearer and the fabric have less bacteria that causes unpleasant odors. Bamboo also has excellent wicking properties. The textile resembles the plant in this aspect. The bamboo plant is highly water absorbent. It is able to take in up to three times it’s weight in water! The textile retains this ability to some extent, pulling the moisture away from the skin so that it can evaporate. Bamboo fabric also has some insulating properties. This means that the fabric will help the wearer stay warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. From a designer’s perspective, bamboo is also an excellent fabric choice. It is a light, strong fabric that requires less dye than cotton. The color of bamboo fabric as opposed to cotton is also described as much more vivid. The fabric can be used in many ways from being woven to being knit. It drapes very smoothly and because of it’s greener properties, is a much desired alternative to cotton from a buyer’s point of view. In conclusion, bamboo textiles are swiftly coming to the market in many forms — from sheets to socks to just about anything you can think of. The pricing of bamboo may still be slightly higher than the better varieties of cotton, but demand will continue to bring the price down. There are also some concerns about the regulatory process of it’s development in China. However, green is the new black and China is definately concerned about its economy, and the world pressure on the enviroment will keep their attention.. It is definitely becoming vogue to “go green”. And I think it’s way past time for everyone to consider how their choices effect the environment around them. Even when the bamboo fabric is beyond usefulness, it is completely biodegradable in soil. And the decomposition process doesn’t cause any pollution to the environment! Look for bamboo products when shopping the next time and see what you think.