About Us

EEKOE Bamboo Socks was founded on the idea that you can make a better product, at a competitive price, and make it here in the USA. We work hard each and everyday to ensure that we deliver to you, what we believe to be "The World's Greatest Socks"! So do yourself a favor, and "Treat Your Feet" to EEKOE! :) 

A Bit More About Us:

  • We are an American owned and made brand, and proudly source and manufacture all our products right here in the USA. 
  • We sell EEKOE Bamboo socks to offer a premium product, at a fair price, that also betters your day to day life. See what customers are saying, and why choose to wrap their feet in EEKOE each day. With benefits like Odor Killing, Temperature Managing, Moisture Wicking, and extended overall health benefit to all. Bamboo has been shown to increase blood flow, and increased blood flow makes the body feel better each and everyday. And that comes straight from the words and testimonials of our beloved EEKOE Bamboo Socks customers. We do not claim to heal or treat any medical symptoms you may have, but our customers tell us they do. So check out our testimonials, and the words of Eekoe Bamboo Sock wearers! 
  • Carson City, NV
  • Founded in 2014
  • Available Online since 2015. 
  • Phone: 775-301-6290
  • Email: info@eekoe.com
  • On: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter