Kirk - EEKOE Customer:
"I love your products and talk about them all the time. I was in for a medical procedure recently and just before I was put to sleep the nurse saw my Eekoe socks and said her dad also loved his Eekoe socks. They truly are the best socks I have ever owned and now sleep on bamboo sheets be cause of your socks. I wish you sold sheets too.

Eric - Cable Guy:
Great product!! You had a Spectrum technician at your place or home by the name of Adam and he told me all about your wonderful socks. I got to tell you the proof is in the pudding. We are on our feet 10hrs a day 4 days a week, and these socks make me feel comfortable all day long. Thank you for such a wonderful product!


Trevor – American Worker / EEKOE Customer:

Hey thanks for the response brotha.. I’ll tell you what that day we met you at the old iron mountain ski spot I wasn’t thinking your product would work and well I haven’t worn a regular pair of sock since I got your welcome socks man.. great product I recommend them to everyone that has a problem with hot / sweaty feet.. thumbs up brotha on your great product.. wish u had boxer briefs also.


Sharrie – American Farmer / EEKOE Customer:


My Husband threw all of his diabetic socks away... We are Ranching and Farming outdoor folks on our feet all day long .... He is a Man also, LOL so for him to do this, is a testament of how well and impressed he was with them.... I also ordered for another good friend Logger and he was totally impressed and I ordered more for him...My son in law Farmer has also fell in love and is getting 12 pair for his birthday... in Muck boots all day and his feet no longer sweat or get cold...  The last order I mistakenly ordered the mid cushion and my Husband notice adifference right away, as he needs the cushion for the balls of his feet... So assoon as you get more full cushion I will need to order him more... I have beenpassing these socks out like crazy and have not found anyone who has not fallen inlove with them... and a Farmer friend turned us on to them as we were Smart woolfolks before these socks... Thanks so much for building a quality product!!! 

Cliff – Track Coach: 

I teach history and coach track & field at a high school in Portland. My students have been making fun of me because of my excitement about these socks. But they really don't require any salesmanship - they sell themselves once someone puts them on. So thank you for putting them on sale and for making such a quality product. 

 I'll take EEKOE in my next workout video on Instagram. You've earned a lifetime customer.

Ryan B. – Bike Park Builder at Gravity Logic:
"When you are out on your feet for 12 + hours a day, sometimes 7 days a week building and riding bike trails, you need both comfort and function. EEKOE Socks provide that. Quality, dry, cool cushion comfort for hardworking feet. Thank you EEKOE."
Carol Anne G. – Global Event Producer:
"I wore my EEKOE Socks after getting them on a week long trip to Dallas. At night I like to fall asleep with socks on as my feet are cold, and I ALWAYS kick them off in the night. But I woke up each day with my socks on, and wore the same socks 4 days! Truly the most comfortable sock I’ve worn."
Rob G. – Global Event Producer:
"Best socks I’ve ever worn, and I’m on my feet 12 hours a day 7 days a week working, and when I am not working its travel time. I can take 5 pairs of socks for a month away. Well played EEKOE!"
Gary B. @ Sierra Ski & Cycle Works / South Lake Tahoe, CA:
"I wore the EEKOE Bike Sock on 2 big rides in 1 day, and I never once thought about my feet. They remained dry and comfortable all day, I simply forgot about them. When I get to the bottom of the trail the first thing I do is take my riding socks and shoes off, I didn’t and actually had my post ride beverage shoes and socks still on"
Ken @ Shoreline of Tahoe:
We saw Ken trailside on the South Lake Tahoe zone known as Corral. It was a rainy wet day, and we asked Ken what he thought of the socks we gave him, he said
"amazing, feet are dry even in the wet, day 3 and still going".
EEKOE Socks are now available at all 3 Shoreline of Tahoe stores in South Lake Tahoe!
Shawn O.:
How are the socks we gave you to try out?
“Amazing and the kids love them too, we need more as we've actually argued as to who gets to wear them in the family”
Sounds like the “O” family needs more EEKOE socks.
David S. Vancouver, BC:
"I can confirm, these are sweet socks, just trialed a pair of low cuts in black."
Michelle in Mexico:
I am a bartender 6 days a week 12 hours a day, my feet always hurt, but not with EEKOE. I forget about my feet, am happier at work, and as a result am making more money in tips. Thanks EEKOE for making my S*#@tty day at work better"
Chuck D. of Self Destructo Records:
"Alright you bastards you’ve converted my feet to Bamboo, I’m done with cotton and threw them all out, ordering more EEKOE tomorrow."
Jason T. - BMX racer and Web Nerd:
"Seriously the raddest socks I have ever worn. Cool and dry and never get stinky. I can wear the same pair for days. They fit great and don't bunch up or slip around in my shoes either. I threw away all my cotton socks and now just have a quiver of Eekoe. Perfect socks!"
Jason "Shooter" McGuire - USA BMX Photographer and Pull Magazine Editor:
"When I first heard about Eekoe cycling socks I was pretty skeptical about how fresh they could really stay. With how active I am during our USA BMX events, socks get destroyed constantly and leave a smell of something fierce. I slapped on my new pair of Eekoe's and by the end of the day my feet were fresh as when I started – they didn't even have that nasty toe jam smell. I kept wearing them for the entire next week (as recommended), and by Friday they remained odor-free and silky soft. These are hands down the best cycling socks I have tried and my mind has been blown with their quality. If you haven't jumped on the Eekoe train yet, you need to. Your feet will thank you...
Scot Gardner - Fire Alarm & Security Technician
"I wanted to wait a month, before I reviewed my EEKOE socks, as I was putting them to the ultimate test...the "on the feet working folk" review. The day I received my crews, and low cuts, I took them out of the package, and couldn't believe how soft to the touch they were! I was told to wear them day to day (without washing) to see how long I could wear before I needed to wash them. I thought I would get 2 days max (my work boots DEFINITELY cause sock odor) after 8 DAYS, the socks finally needed washing. During the week I wore them (60 hour work week on my feet) my feet never sweat, didn't ache due to the extra padding on the crew socks, and my feet even felt softer over time! After washing, they got softer yet!!! I am a HUGE supporter of EEKOE bamboo socks, and recommend them to everyone....especially the "on the move" working folk! ‪#‎EEKOEforlife
Rick Shephard - Factory Worker:
"I bought one pair at the race this Sunday wore them for a few hours then bought 6 more pairs. I have zero promotional experience. I have zero sales experience. I believe in your socks because they did what I was told they would do. That's pretty frigging awesome. Thanx again for creating and producing these socks."
Chris Miron - Entrepreneur / Restaurateur:
"Got home to a box of goodies. These socks are unreal, most comfortable I’ve ever worn”
Dan Kryznik - Corporate CEO: 
“Socks received, I’m wearing them non stop and they are PILLOWS!”
Jeremiah Dylan Dean - Bike Shop Owner:
"Ok, I was Skeptical at first, but these EEKOE Bamboo Socks are legit! Comfy, breathable, and my feet don't stank! Thanks EEKOE for hooking it up! 
"Their so comfy! Ellen's got some competition."
Obie Clibourne - Professional Soccer Goalkeeper:
"My feet have checked into a 5-star hotel! I've already requested a late checkout, and I'm extending my stay."