Who's Eekoe?


EEKOE Bamboo Socks is both family owned and operated. The work ethic and attention to detail of this family owned brand have carried into the EEKOE, and today we make what we believe to be "The World's Greatest Socks"!

The company was founded on the idea that we all need to get a lot more out of the socks that we wear every day. More comfort, durability, and at a fair price. From our love of sports, hard work, farming and ranching, motorsports, the active outdoor lifestyle and travel, we know the value of a good sock. For many calendar days of each year we are on the road learning to adapt to the challenges of being away from the amenities of home, or a long hard day on your feet. 

When you are Enjoying Life, at Work, or simply on your Feet all day, you need the support and benefits of EEKOE Bamboo Socks. With attributes like Temperature Management, Moisture Wicking, and Increased Blood Flow. You will find that after a long and hard day on your Feet, that your feet feel great, and your body overall better too. And our customers tell us that that is from what we have found to be increased blood flow and by the health benefits wearing bamboo socks seem to have. We do not claim to heal or treat any medical issues you may be having. But from wearing Eekoe ourselves in our day to day lives, and from the words and testimonials of EEKOE Bamboo Sock wearers, we all seem to feel a bit better after a Long Day in our EEKOE's.

So we asked the questions: What if we could get 4-6 days out of our socks before they started to stink? What if we could take our favorite socks on the road? What if our socks could wisp away moisture and keep our feet dry? What if the socks we wore everyday could be softer, more comfortable, and more durable than cotton? And what if, in addition, these socks could be anti-fungal and have temperature management, be warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer? Well I will tell you what the answer to those questions is, its not what if, it’s now YES YOU CAN, thanks to EEKOE Bamboo Socks!

Than we asked could these socks be made in the USA, and be made with a more sustainable material than cotton? Against the answer again is now YES! EEKOE Bamboo Socks are designed in California, and MADE IN THE USA, and ya, we are Damn Proud of that!! So do yourself a favor, throw a few pairs into your sock line up, drawer or travel bag. Wear them to work, around the house, out on the road, a day trip, a lengthy trip, whatever your schedule demands. And then send us a message, saying "You were right, I’m sold”. And then we can reply, “I told you so”! ;)

And at this point, after you’ve been struck with the Bamboo Epiphany, and you are living in the daily comfort and benefits of bamboo, your feet will thank you, you’ll thank us, and we’ll thank you! EEKOE socks will take all the punishment and abuse you can dish out and will make all the other socks in your sock drawer obsolete. We are very proud of our socks and we look forward to you giving them the ultimate test.

Proudly made in the USA and vigorously tested by the EEKOE Staff and Crew, Farmers, Ranchers, Everyday Hard Working Folks, Musicians, Athletes, Travelers, Motorsports Enthusiasts, and the many others we meet and have met along the way. But made for every day life, and made for you, the EEKOE Customer.

Truly the best sock for Any and Everyone on their feet! 

The EEKOE Family