EEKOE Series "3" Evo Sample Set

Product Description

Featuring one of each of our socks in the ENTIRE EEKOE Bamboo Socks Line. Try out all we have to offer, get a few of the styles you love and wear daily, and try out some new ones also. Many of which we are certain will soon be backed up in your Sock Line Up! So set both You and Your Feet up TODAY, and order the EEKOE "Sample Set"! 

Regular $168.95 ONLY $99.95


*** ALL EEKOE Series "3" Evo Socks ***


- No Show

- Lo-Cut Mid Cushion and Lo-Cut Full Cushion

- 3/4 Crew Mid Cushion and 3/4 Crew Full Cushion

- Boot Cut Full Cushion

- Sport/Athletic Series in Lo-Cut, 1/4 crew, and 3/4 Crew

- Knee High Series SB, SK, and TC

THAT'S ALL FOLKS, ALL the Sock Styles You and Your Feet want, need, and deserve!

AN ENTIRE SET OF EEKOE BAMBOO SOCKS Regular $168.95, for ONLY $99.95

Set can only be one size for all styles. Available in Black or White. Signature Series Boot Cut, Sport/Athletic and Knee High Series/Styles only available in Black. 

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